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Applestone E UTV Electric

Price: 19990.00 NZD
5kw fully electric. More details to follow. Available in Gel or Lithium battery options.

Applestone E Moped

Price: 2490.00 NZD
Brand New Electric Scooter. Includes on road costs and 12 months rego. 2500 watt electric motor. Limited to 50km/h. Range of 40-70kms.

W5 Electric Scooter 2000w

Price: 2490.00 NZD
This scooter is a great choice. Offering large 10" wheels that will see you travelling over grass, paddocks, kurbs with ease and confidence because the full suspension absorbs all those bumps making it a very comfy ride. This scooter offers two 1000w electric motors.(One in each wheel) You can choose to run on the rear motor only or for a true full on experience run both. On top of that, you can also choose economy or turbo modes. Range will vary on terrain, vehicle settings however expect 40km when in economy. Top speed is 60km/h and is rated to climb 30 degree hill with ease. Comes complete with two chargers so you can charge quickly if needed.